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Velódromo de Izu - 8 ago - 11:51

Distancia de la carrera: 6 vueltas 
Finished 23rd at 2020 WCh, 27th in 2019. Gold at 2019 PanAm Games. Gold at 2021, 2019 PanAm Ch, bronze in 2018. Placed 5th at 2021 St. Petersburg Nations Cup. In 2019/20 WCup, 2nd at Milton, ON, 1st at Brisbane. In other events - 20th in sprint at 2020 OG. 'At first it made me scared, an incredible fear. But I became more confident and realised that I was better on the track than on the road.'
Finished 9th at 2020 WCh. Placed 6th at 2019 European Ch. Silver at 2019 European Games. Gold at 2018 U23 European Ch, bronze in 2019. In 2019/20 WCup, 7th at Milton, ON, 13th at Brisbane, QLD, 17th at Cambridge. In other events - bronze in team sprint at 2020 OG, 21st in sprint. He also tried road cycling before settling on track. 'In the end, it is the track that I prefer.'
Finished 4th at 2020 WCh, 5th in 2019, 2018. Bronze at 2018 European Ch, 10th in 2019, 11th in 2017, 7th in 2016. Placed 4th at 2018 CWG. In 2019/20 WCup, 4th at Brisbane and Minsk. In other events - silver in team sprint at 2020 OG, bronze in sprint. He got into cycling after fracturing both his ankles playing football as a child. He broke his wrist during his first track cycling session.
Finished 13th at 2016 OG. Silver at 2020 WCh, 8th in 2019, 9th in 2018, 25th in 2017, 5th in 2016, 21st in 2014. Placed 5th at 2014 Asian Games. Asian champion in 2019 twice, 2017, 2014, 6th in 2016, 2015, 2013. Finished 2nd at 2021 Hong Kong Nations Cup event. In other events - 9th in sprint at 2020 OG. He hopes to win a gold medal at the 2020 OG before retiring from international competition.
Finished 12th at 2019 WCh, 17th in 2017. Placed 13th at 2018 CWG. Placed 6th at 2019 PanAm Games. Bronze at 2016 PanAm Ch, 4th in 2018. In 2019/20 WCup, 5th at Brisbane. In other events - 30th in sprint at 2020 OG. He practised football, athletics, and swimming when he was younger, but was inspired to pursue track cycling after watching Trinidadian Njisane Phillip compete at the 2012 OG.