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Velódromo de Izu - 7 ago - 16:55

Distancia de la carrera: 200 vueltas  (50000Metros) , esprints:20
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Lasse Norman HANSEN and Michael MORKOV are unbeaten as a pair at international events. Gold 2020 WCh. Gold 2019 European Ch. Won at 2019/20 Minsk WCup event, 2018/19 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. In other events - HANSEN won team pursuit silver at 2020 OG, omnium gold at 2012 OG, bronze in omnium, team pursuit at 2016 OG. MORKOV was 5th in madison and won team pursuit silver at 2008 OG, 5th 2012.
Leigh HOWARD and Kelland O'BRIEN are both at first OG and won gold at 2018 NCh. Finished 3rd at 2018/19 WCup event at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Placed 6th at 2016/17 WCup in Cali. HOWARD won gold at 2011, 2010 WCh, silver 2009, bronze 2012, 4th in 2019 with Cameron MEYER. In other events - HOWARD and O'BRIEN won bronze in team pursuit at 2020 OG. They both won WCh gold in team pursuit in 2019.
Ethan HAYTER and Matthew WALLS are both at first OG and won gold at 2018 U23 European Ch. HAYTER finished 9th at 2020 WCh, 7th in 2019 with Oliver WOOD. WALLS and WOOD finished 8th at 2019 European Ch. In other events - HAYTER and WALLS finished 7th in team pursuit at 2020 OG. Reigning omnium European Ch WALLS won gold in omnium at 2020 OG.
Kenny DE KETELE and Robbe GHYS (first OG) won bronze at 2019 WCh, 5th in 2020. Gold at 2018 European Ch. In 2019/20 WCup, 6th at Glasgow, 4th at Minsk. Won in 2016/17 WCup at Apeldoorn. DE KETELE won gold at 2012 WCh with Gijs VAN HOECKE, 2011 European Ch with Iljo KEISSE. In other events - DE KETELE finished 13th in omnium at 2020 OG, 9th in team pursuit at 2012 OG, 4th in madison at 2008 OG.
Elia VIVIANI and Simone CONSONNI placed 7th at 2020 WCh. Placed 6th at 2019 European Ch, 4th 2015. In seven WCh VIVIANI's best is silver 2015 with Liam BERTAZZO. Other events - VIVIANI, CONSONNI won 2020 OG team pursuit gold. VIVIANI, who had minor heart surgery in 2021, won omnium gold at 2016 OG, bronze 2020, 6th 2012. CONSONNI was 6th in team pursuit at 2016 OG, silver in scratch at 2020 WCh.
Adrian HEGYVARY and Gavin HOOVER, both at first OG, won silver at the 2019 PanAm Games. HEGYVARY won gold at 2018 PanAm Ch, silver in 2019 with Daniel HOLLOWAY. In other events - HOOVER finished 8th in omnium at 2020 OG. HEGYVARY, who switched from representing Hungary in his teens, is 13 years older than 24-year-old HOOVER.
Szymon SAJNOK and Daniel STANISZEWSKI are both at a first OG and pairing up for the first time at Tokyo 2020. STANISZEWSKI competed at four world championships between 2017-2020, with best result of 8th at 2019 WCh with Wojciech PSZCZOLARSKI. That duo also won bronze at 2017 European Ch. In other events - SAJNOK, who won gold in omnium at 2018 WCh, finished 16th in omnium at 2020 OG.
Mark DOWNEY and Felix ENGLISH, both at first OG, placed 11th at 2020, 2019 WCh, 9th 2018, 6th 2017. Finished 11th at 2018 European Ch, 7th 2017. In 2019/20 WCup, 10th at Brisbane, 8th Cambridge, 7th Hong Kong, 12th Glasgow. Won 2016/17 Los Angeles WCup event. In other events - DOWNEY finished 17th in omnium at 2020 OG. Fathers of both represented Ireland in road cycling, DOWNEY's at the 1984 OG.
Roger KLUGE and Theo REINHARDT won gold at 2019, 2018 WCh, bronze in 2020. Silver at 2018 European Ch. Gold at 2019/20 season Hong Kong WCup, bronze in 2018/19 in Berlin. In other events - part of Germany's 6th in team pursuit at 2020 OG. REINHARDT rode team pursuit at 2016 OG. KLUGE was 9th in omnium at 2020 OG, 6th in 2016, 4th in 2012, and at 2008 OG won silver in points race, 5th in madison.
Benjamin THOMAS and Donavan GRONDIN, both at first OG, finished 6th at 2020 WCh. In 2019/20 WCup won at Glasgow, 3rd at Minsk. THOMAS won gold in 2017 WCh with Morgan KNEISKY. Won gold at 2017 European Ch with Florian MAITRE. In other events - THOMAS finished 4th in omnium at 2020 OG. Won omnium gold at 2020, 2017 WCh. GRONDIN moved to France from Indian Ocean island Reunion at age 16.
Campbell STEWART and Corbin STRONG are both at their first OG and race together for a first time. STEWART won silver at 2020 WCh with Aaron GATE. In other events - STEWART won silver in omnium, 4th in team pursuit at 2020 OG. STEWART replaced GATE in omnium at 2020 OG after GATE broke his collarbone in a team pursuit crash. STRONG, who won points race gold at 2020 WCh, replaces GATE in madison.
Sebastian MORA and Albert TORRES won silver at 2018 WCh, bronze in 2016, 10th in 2020, 5th in 2019, 2012, 7th 2017. Gold at 2020, 2016, 2015 European Ch, 5th in 2019, 2017, 4th in 2018. In 2019/20 WCup, 5th at Hong Kong, 4th at Glasgow, 3rd at Minsk. TORRES won gold at 2014 WCh with David MUNTANER. In other events - both in team pursuit 6th at 2012 OG. TORRES finished 10th in omnium at 2020 OG.
Youri HAVIK (first OG) and Jan Willem van SCHIP placed 4th at 2020 WCh. Silver at 2019 European Ch. Silver at 2019 European Games. In 2019/20 WCup 1st at Milton, 6th at Minsk. In other events - van SCHIP, who was DNF in team pursuit at 2016 OG, placed 6th in omnium at 2020 OG. Gold in points race at 2019 WCh, silver 2018. Silver in omnium at 2020, 2018 WCh. HAVIK was DNF in road race at 2020 OG.
Robin FROIDEVAUX (first OG) and Thery SCHIR finished 8th at the 2020 WCh. Placed 7th at 2019 European Ch. SCHIR won bronze at 2014 WCh with Stefan KUNG. FROIDEVAUX won gold at 2019 European Games with Tristan MARGUET. In other events - FROIDEVAUX and SCHIR finished 8th in team pursuit at 2020 OG. SCHIR finished 7th in omnium at 2020 OG and rode in team pursuit (7th) at 2016 OG.
Andreas GRAF and Andreas MUELLER are both at first OG and have competed at 11 world championships together up to 2020, with 4th in 2014, 2011, 5th in 2018 best results. Gold at 2014 European Ch, 9th in 2019, 2018. Finished 4th in St Petersburg at 2021 Nations Cup event, 2nd at Hong Kong. In other events - MUELLER finished 18th in omnium at 2020 OG.
Michael FOLEY and Derek GEE, both at first OG, are yet to compete together in madison at a major international tournament. The pair won gold at 2019, 2018 NCh. In other events - FOLEY and GEE were part of the Canadian men's team pursuit squad that finished 5th at 2020 OG, won bronze at 2018 CWG, 2019 PanAm Ch. Both have also represented Canada in road cycling at CWG.