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Velódromo de Izu - 5 ago - 15:30

Distancia de la carrera: 40 vueltas  (10000Metros)
Lista de salida
37 Valla 1
14 Valla 1
50 Valla 1
45 Valla 1
28 Valla 1
64 Valla 1
62 Valla 1
43 Valla 1
7 Valla 1
32 Valla 1
25 en la línea azul 2
21 en la línea azul 2
2 en la línea azul 2
40 en la línea azul 2
19 en la línea azul 2
30 en la línea azul 2
9 en la línea azul 2
53 en la línea azul 2
60 en la línea azul 2
6 en la línea azul 2
Gold at 2016 OG, 6th in 2012. Bronze at 2015 WCh, 9th in 2020, 4th in 2016, 25th in 2012, 7th in 2011, 12th in 2010. Gold at 2015, 2014 European Ch, silver in 2018, bronze in 2011. In other events - gold in team pursuit in WR and OR time at 2020 OG. In road cycling, he sprinted to stage victories in Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana. He finished 38th in the road race at 2012 OG.
Finished 8th at 2019, 2018 WCh. Gold at 2017/18 WCup. In 2017/18 WCup events, 1st at Milton, ON, Pruszkow, 2nd at Manchester. In other events - silver in team pursuit at 2020 OG, bronze in 2016, silver at 2018 WCh, bronze in 2016. In November 2019, he broke his leg while dancing and was forced to wear a walking boot for six weeks. 'I have learned one thing: next time I will remain at the bar.'
Gold at 2019 WCh, 5th in 2020, 2018. Silver at 2019 Oceanica Ch, bronze in 2018, 4th in 2017. Won at 2019/20 Cambridge, Hong Kong WCup events. Placed 3rd in 2018/19 Hong Kong, Milton, ON, WCup events. In other events - 4th in team pursuit at 2020 OG. Silver in team pursuit, madison at 2020 WCh. He was named New Zealand's 2019 Male Track Rider of the Year.
Silver at 2020, 2018 WCh, 5th in 2019. Gold at 2019 European Games. Placed 5th at 2019 European Ch. Gold at 2019, 2017 NCh. In 2019/20 season, won Milton, ON, WCup event, 7th at Minsk, 9th at Glasgow. In other events - gold in points race at 2019 WCh, silver in 2018. During the pandemic he hosted the 'Try the Podcast' podcast, with prominent Dutch figures in the world of sport and business.
Finished 6th at 2016 OG, 4th in 2012. Silver at 2016 WCh, 4th in 2020. Gold at 2010 European Ch, 6th in 2011. In 2019/20 WCup, 2nd overall, 2nd at Brisbane, Hong Kong, 5th at Cambridge, 18th at Glasgow. In other events - silver in points race at 2008 OG. In July 2021, he suffered heavy abrasions on his back, right hip, elbow, and required stitches after a crash on stage 13 of the Tour de France.
Finished 7th at 2020 WCh. Bronze at 2019 PanAm Ch. Bronze at 2014 NCh. Placed 13th at 2015 Junior WCh. Finished 10th at 2019/20 WCup. In 2019/20 WCup events, 3rd at Milton, ON, 5th at Hong Kong, 15th at Glasgow. His sporting philosophy is: 'I don't have talent. I have tenacity, I have discipline, I have focus.'
Finished 15th at 2020 WCh. Silver at 2019 European Games. Gold at 2015 U23 European Ch. Gold at 2015, 2014 NCh, bronze in 2017, 2013. In 2019/20 season, 3rd at Hong Kong WCup event, 8th at Glasgow. In other events - 8th in team pursuit at 2020 OG, 7th in 2016. His hero is cyclist Bradley WIGGINS (GBR). 'The minimum is to make the maximum.'
Finished 10th at 2016 OG. Placed 10th at 2020, 2016 WCh, 20th in 2019, 13th in 2013. Bronze at 2018 Asian Games. Gold at 2013 Asian Ch, silver in 2019, 2016, bronze in 2018, 2015. Gold at 2015, 2014 NCh. In 2019/20 WCup events, 6th at Brisbane, 3rd at Cambridge, 14th at Hong Kong, Minsk. 'A coach came to school and offered to practise cycling. That's how I stayed in cycling, it got me hooked.'
Finished 9th at 2014 European Ch. Finished 10th at 2015/16 WCup, 16th in 2012/13, 12th in 2011/12. Placed 5th at 2015/16 Cambridge WCup event, 15th at 2015/16 Cali WCup event. In other events - 9th in team pursuit at 2012 OG, 4th in madison at 2008 OG. Gold in madison at 2012 WCh, bronze in 2019, 2017. 'Stuff the silver, go for gold.'
First-time Olympian. Placed 12th at 2014 Junior European Ch. Placed 20th at 2016 6 Giorni delle Rose, 16th at 2015 Revolution. In other events - 1st in points race at 2016/17 WCup, won 2016/17 WCup events at Los Angeles, Cali, Apeldoorn. His father Seamus DOWNEY (IRL) competed in road cycling at 1984 OG. His brother Sean won bronze in men's team pursuit representing Northern Ireland at 2010 CWG.
Bronze at 2020 WCh. Gold at 2020 European Ch. Gold at 2019 U23 European Ch. Won 2019/20 Minsk and 2018/19 London WCup events. In other events - 7th in team pursuit at 2020 OG. He has competed in road cycling and was signed to the BORA - hansgrohe team on the World Tour for the 2021 season. 'I think the track has given me the necessary top end speed to be successful in sprinting on the road.'
Gold at 2020, 2017 WCh, silver in 2019, 9th in 2018. Gold at 2019 European Ch, bronze in 2017, 2016, 5th in 2018. Gold at 2016 NCh. Placed 12th at 2019/20 WCup, 2nd at 2018/19 WCup. Won at 2019/20 Glasgow WCup event, 2018/19 Milton, ON, 2017/18 Manchester. His hero is Italian cyclist, and fellow omnium competitor, Elia VIVIANI. Competes in road cycling for French team Groupama - FDJ.
Finished 12th at 2019 WCh, 7th in 2017. Gold at 2019, 2018, 2015 Oceania Ch, bronze in 2016. Gold at 2018 NCh. Won at 2016/17 Cali WCup event. In other events - bronze in team pursuit at 2020 OG, silver in 2016. Gold in team pursuit at 2019, 2017, 2016 WCh. His father encouraged him to take up the sport. 'Once I got involved I instantly loved it.'
Finished 11th at 2020 WCh, 7th in 2019, 10th in 2018, 12th in 2014. Gold at 2018, 2014 Asian Games. Gold at 2019 (twice), 2018, 2016 Asian Ch, silver in 2014. Gold at 2013 NCh. Won at 2021 Hong Kong Nations Cup. Bronze at 2019/20 Brisbane WCup event, 4th at Cambridge. He did triathlon when he was young as his parents did the sport. He began focusing on cycling after he started middle school.
Bronze at 2017 WCh, 6th in 2019, 13th in 2018, 8th in 2009. Gold at 2017, 2016 European Ch, 6th in 2020, 4th in 2019, 7th in 2018. In 2019/20 season, 12th at Glasgow WCup event, 6th at Minsk. Won 2018/19 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines WCup event. In other events - 6th in team pursuit at 2012 OG. 'Even when results are good, you have to keep working and don't lose your focus.'
Finished 14th at 2020 WCh, 11th in 2019, 12th in 2018. DNF at 2020 European Ch, 7th in 2019, 9th in 2018, 2017. Placed 5th at 2019 European Games. In 2019/20 WCup, 1st overall, 6th at Milton, ON, 4th at Brisbane, 9th at Cambridge, DSQ at Hong Kong, 10th at Glasgow, 9th at Minsk. He switched from sprint events to endurance following the 2016 OG as a result of surgery on his waist area.
First-time Olympian. Silver at 2020 European Ch, 12th in 2016. Placed 5th at 2018 U23 European Ch. Finished 36th at 2019/20 WCup. In 2021 season, 1st at St. Petersburg Nations Cup event, 2nd at Hong Kong. Placed 7th at 2019/20 Brisbane WCup event.
Gold at 2018 WCh, 18th in 2019, 8th in 2017. Placed 11th at 2019 European Ch, 4th in 2018, 2017. In 2016/17 WCup, 1st overall, won at Los Angeles, Apeldoorn, 2nd at Pruszkow. Since 2019 he has predominantly focused on road cycling. In December 2020, he announced that he would return to track cycling with the hope of competing at Tokyo 2020.
First-time Olympian. National champion in 2017 NCh, finished 2nd in 2016, 2014. He has worked as a director for a company that distributes smart electric bike enhancement systems. 'Don't be discouraged by what some people think you are capable of. Believe in yourself and what you are capable of will blow their minds.'
First-time Olympian. Finished 12th at 2020 European Ch. Placed 4th at 2009 Unofficial European Ch, 5th in 2008, 7th in 2007. Gold at 2010 NCh, bronze in 2014. Placed 11th at 2014 Grand Prix Vienna, 10th in 2010, 20th at 2010/11 Cali WCup event. Born in Germany, he obtained Austrian citizenship in 2008. Started cycling on the track as he lived near a velodrome in Berlin, Germany.