Tiro con arco - TANG Chih-Chun vs KIM Woojin - Cuartos de final Resultados

Campo de final Yumenoshima - 31 jul - 14:45

Cuartos de final  - Partido 169
KIM Woojin KIM W
TANG Chih-Chun (TPE): Finished 8th at 2019 WCh. Placed 13th at 2019 WCup, 31st in 2018. Placed 9th at 2018 YOG. Gold at 2017 Youth WCh. In other events - silver in recurve team at 2020 OG, 9th in mixed team. 'Every shot is a fresh start that I have no control over after the arrow leaves my hand. It is useless to think about the previous shot. Rather, I should focus on the next shot.'
KIM Woojin (KOR): Finished 17th at 2016 OG. Won gold at 2015, 2011 WCh, 9th in 2019, 8th in 2017. Gold at 2018, 2010 Asian Games. Silver at 2019 Asian Ch. Gold at 2018, 2017, 2012 WCup Final. In other events: gold in recurve team at 2020, 2016 OG. Won recurve team at 2015, 2011 WCh. He took up the sport while at primary school on advice from PE teacher. He says 'archery is like my girlfriend'.